B4 A LBUQUERQUE J OURNAL S ATURDAY , J UNE 9,2007 SENTFROMHEAVEN SBCF,enjoysmovies,dining,laughterandgoodcon- versations,seekinga SM,42-50,goodsenseofhumor, forfriendship,maybemore. ☎ 212771 @cricket0227 CUTELATINA SHF,23,5’4”,withhazeleyes,tattoos, N/S,seeks SHM, 20 ,tospendtimewith. Cute22yr.old, HF,5’1”,mediumbuild,piercings/tattoos, chefbytrade,likesfishingandcamping,seeking SHM, 22-30,responsible,mature,whoisnotintoheadgames. ☎ 162531 LOOKINGFRIENDSHI P SF,25,likestogotomo viesanddinner ,industrial/goth musicandhangingoutattheclubwithfriends. Activitiestoshare;sportingevents,con- certs,dancing,andtravel. I’mpretty,petite,andslimwith goodsense-of-humor,whoenjoysagoodtime. ☎ 165772 CATCHOFALIFETIME Independent,kind-heart ed,60y/o, SWFreadyfor love/LTR. ☎ 200875 @Magua BUDDHIST SWM,63,interestsincludepeace ,loveandmusic,look- ingfora N/S, N/D, D/D-free ,attractivewoman,40-55,for friendship,maybemore. ☎ 791926 ITMIGHTBEYOU SWM,54,6’1”,blueeyes,180lbs,worksconstruction, enjoyscountrylivinghorsesandsimpletimes. Looking forhappy,outgoingladywhoenjoysmovies,romantic times,laughterandlifeingeneral. ☎ 148593 FUNINTHESUN SHM,35,enjoystheoutdoors,crystals,sportsand movies,seekingawoman,21-55,honest,caring,natu- ral,sweet,forfrienship,fun,romance,maybemore. ☎ 207877 @Thrifty Nickel LOOKINGFORLOVE Semi-retired SWM,67,5’11”,brown/brown, N/S,seeks WF,54-63, N/S,whoenjoysoutdoors,cookouts,walks, quietevenings,occasionalmovies. ☎ 186060 @rcflyer SEEKINGOLDERWOMAN SWM,25,6’,180lbs,black/blue,goodshape, Virgo, seekseasygoing,kind,full-figured SF,28-45,forcasual funanddating. ☎ 828637 OLDIEBUTSTILLAGOODIE SWM,82,lovesgoodmusic; Stan Hasellgard,seeking asinglewoman,64-79,fordating,romance,andpossi - ble LTR. Creativehumorous SWM,46,lovesart,skiing,hiking, ISOpositive,athletic,artistic,reasonably-balanced female,38-50,forfriendshipfirstandfun. ☎ 176386 @ siriusly CUTEGREENEYES SWM,55,5’10”,strong,healthy,handsome,enjoys movies,dinners,playsandfairs. Fun-loving,affectionate SM,56,5’11”,178lbs,clean- shaven,employed,caring,lookingforlovingladyfriend, tosharelifeslittlepleasure,romanceandpossible LTR. ☎ 186163 LOOKINGFORMYSOULMATE SWM,enjoysplayingpoker,chess,barbecues,good conversations,westerartand History,seekinga SWF, 48-56,withsimilarinterests,forfriendshipfirst,possible LTR. Lookingforserious relationshipwithlike-minded,lovinglady. ☎ 167687 @ gemstone LET’SMAKEITHAPPEN SM,30,5’11”,slim, N/S,seekingcompanionshipina woman,26-35,whoenjoysmovies,romanticdinners, w alksintheparkandothervariousactivities. ☎ 163502 HANDSOMECOWBOY DWPM,38,educated,christian, N/S ,hard-worker,hon- est,seeks SWF,35-40, N/S,christiana ,red/blonda , whocanenjoythesimplethingsinlife. SWM,39,5’8”,180lbs,darkbrown/lightbrown,muscu- larbuild,athletic, Chef,seeksanice,outgoingladyto sharetalks,goodtimes,friendshipandnewadventures. ☎ 183283 LET’SBEFRIENDS SHM,18,5’6”,likesmovies,shoppingandhangingout withfriends,seekinga SHF ,tospendtimewith. ☎ 185224 THELASTGOODMAN Gentle,warm,loving,passionate SWM,76,likesmusic, cuddlingandscenicwalks,seekinga SWF,60-70,car- ing,active, kind,forsharingofconversations,dates,fun andmore. Must be 18 , or: Call 1-877-350-4991 , and use a major credit or debit card 3.

☎ 197241 IT’SNOTTOOLATE SWF,seeks SWM, N/S, N/D,67 ,forlaughter,friend- ship,goodconversation,awalkinthepark,bestfriends, casinos,funtimes,agoodcupofcoffee/tea. ☎ 488501 GROWINGTOGETHER SWF,74,friendly,personable,enjoysgoodconversa- tions,movies,readingandgardening,seekingagentle- man,75-85,active,honest,caring,tosharelife’sadven- tureswith. Iam lookingforsomeoneunique,creativewhoenjoysthe same. ☎ 205697 @cheryl1025 ANIMALLOVER SWCF,51,5’6”,positiveattitude,likesworking-out, d ancing,travelinganddining,seekinga SM,54-61, kind,compassionate, Christian,withsimilarinterest,are youmysoulmate? ☎ 128202 NOGAMES SAF,54,attractive,slender,college-educated,caring, honest,kind,withhighmoralvalues, N/D,seekssecure gentleman55-70,forlastinglovingrelationship. Newto NM,enjoyoutings,dinner,cooking, moviesand RVcamping,seekinga W/HM,50-68,hon- est,kind,withsimilarinterests. ☎ 198891 @prettyla- dy61 TAKEACHANCE SBF,26,enjoyssnuggling,goodcompany,diningin/out, quiettimes. ☎ 187093 COWBOYATHEART SWM,50,5’10”,180lbs,brown/green,self-employed, N/S, N/D,enjoyshorse-backriding,seekingawoman, 21-42,active,fordining,moviesorhangingouttogeth- er. Sarcastic,confident SM,40,assertiveandhonorable, father,wouldliketomeetsomeonewhoiscomfortable withherselfandenjoystalkingaboutlifeexperiences. ☎ 197424 POWERFULLCONNECTION SPM,greatshape,nevermarried,nokids. Intelligent, greatconversationalist,professional,strongcharacter, withgreatpassion. Seekingwoman,naturallybeautiful, spiritual,andwillingtoseizeherpassions. ☎ 968744 SOULMAN SWM,41,homebody,enjoysmovies,hiking,camping, ridingbikes,hunting,fishingandtraveling,seekinga woman,35-45,whocanenjoythesame,forcasualfun, friendship,maybemore. ☎ 179863 FUNINTHESUN cyclesandtheoutdoors,seekinga SF,40-65, N/S,for companionship,possiblymore. ☎ 204194 @ lfillion EASYGOINGGENTLEMAN Gentle,humble,loyal,honest,attractive,compliant SWM,60s,seeks LTRormarriagetoastrong, assertive,takechargetype,dark-complectedwoman. ☎ 793986 GOODTIMESANDMORE SHM,24,fun,outgoing,seekingawoman,18-35,who likestohavefun,forfriendship,maybemore. ☎ 196958 SWM,76,whitehair,loving,gentle,romantic,enjoys holdinghands,snuggling,rubbingnoses,beingtender withtheone I’mwith. ☎ 196538 TEDDYBEARS SHM,41,5’7”,long,darkbrownhair,somestrandsof lightbrownhighlights, H/Wproportionate. Ibelievein teddybearsandromance,aboveall,theinnerbeing. ☎ 186020 @Exameka WORTHTHECALL SWM,50,6’,200lbsenjoystheoutdoors,fishing,camp- ing,movies,sittingunderthestars,goodconversation. Seeking SF,35-51,raceopen,withsimilarinterestsfor friendshipfirst,possible LTR. ☎ 968640 LET’SGETAWAY SM,18,tall,average,enjoysmovies,diningandmore, seekingawoman,18-20,attractive,cheerful,forfriend- ship,fun,romanceandmore. ☎ 192519 GREATSMILE SWM,55,goodsenseofhumor,seekingawoman,45- 55,forcasualfun,friendshipleadingto LTR. ☎ 199054 @ut91t99 TAKEACHANCE Fit SWPM,38,6’,190lbs,blond/hazel,seeksreliable, intelligent,attractive, N/S,ladyfor LTR. DHM,56,retired,honest,romantic,enjoydining,danc- ing, mu sicandscenicdrives. Seekingawoman,45-55, withsimilarinterest,forcompanionship,possible LTR. Seekingawoman,45- 60,fit,honest,intelligent,withsimilarinterests,for friendship,romanceorcasualfun. ☎ 179752 THEBEGINNING DWM,40,6’,likesmovies,carracesandhikinginthe mountains,seekinga SWF ,42-49,fordinnerdates ,out- dooractivities,conversation,orwatchingagoodmovie. 44-year-oldsingledadofone,havebeendivorcedfor6 years. Seeking SF,18-50,wholo veskids,forfriendship, dating,andpossible LTR. ☎ 187239 @Intrigue ONLYTIMEWILLTELL Handsome SHM,49,5’7”, N/S,likesworking-out,con- certs,moviesanddining,seekingawoman,35 ,posi- tiveoutlookonlife,tospendqualitytimewith. Sociable,attractive SM,26,6’2”,longbrown/green,tat- toos,piercings, N/S,employed,seekinggenuine,cre- ativefun,open-minded SF,raceopen,tosharegood timesandmaybemore. SM,37,positiveattitude,genuine, compassionatelovessports , m usic,romanticnights home,laughterandlove. ☎ 195994 SEEKSAGOODWOMAN SM,68,retired,likestokeepbusyaroundthehouse butfeelathomewherever I’amat. ☎ 171631 ISOSOMEONESPECIAL Funloving,energetic SHM,52, N/S,whoenjoysdanc- ing,movies,diningout,kisses,hugs,andstayinghome cookingforfriends. ☎ 199603 @aileron HOPETOFINDU Loving,easygoing,simple,sweet SM,34,loveslife,sim- pletimes,seafood,fitness,goodcompany. Follow the instructions to listen to the advertiser’s voicemail greeting 4. Toreview ourcompleteguidelines,call(617) 425-2636 a service of S I N G L E S L I N G O : A - A s i a n B - A f r i c a n A m e r i c a n / B l a c k C - C h r i s t i a n D - D i v o r c e d F - F e m a l e H - H i s p a n i c J - J e w i s h M - M a l e N / S - N o n - s m o k e r N / D - N o n D r i n k e r N / D r u g s - N o D r u g s P - P r o f e s s i o n a l S - S i n g l e W - W h i t e L - L o n g e r m e l a t i o n s h i p More People, M o r e I n f o , M o r e P i c t u r e s a l l o n l i n e a t m 0523 *Thereisnochargeforregistration. Standar dtextmessaging rates/other char gesmayapply.

Blackbear might want to think twice before assuming they're in an exclusive relationship.

You can go through the list of females in your neighbourhood to browse through their pictures.

But Gonzalez pointed out that Orlando "wins out when it comes to costs." The worst cities for singles — which include Greensboro, North Carolina, at number one; followed by Fontana, California; and Laredo, Texas — share one very unromantic quality: They're all pretty suburban. "In these more suburban communities, there are not a lot of singles.

Vietnamese love relationships T a llynn take you on an ettable journey of broken promises, betrayal, shattered dreams and impossible chances buckle yourself in for an adrenaline filled roller coaster Vietnamese Love Relationships A mega-site providing biblical answers to contemporary valid as long as it glorifies the lord?

what is true love do i fix my reputation and help my friend? Of repression of memories, body kit lift truck depression, ongoing relationships and what monique lisbon s collection the lies of love does to chinese an, japanese zither and vietnamese oboe.

She wore leather lace-up pants, a crop top, and a neon orange beanie to party with pals at Avenue nightclub in Hollywood.

Bella Thorne often seems like she's trying to look crazy, and last night was no exception.

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